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We simplify your life in an ever increasingly complex ownership landscape. We aggregate everything you own into a user-friendly platform for seamless management.

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Keep things you love close.

You’ve worked hard to acquire all your personal belongings that enrich your life. Your personal assets are of significant worth and it is important you feel protected. Never lose track of your items again, Say goodbye to misplaced receipts, and handle asset tracking, reporting, and asset ownership transfers like a pro.


Leave behind the hassle of paper receipts. Instead, effortlessly catalog all your purchases into your digital inventory using your unique QR code, ensuring an organized record of your purchases.


Looking to sell your assets? Effortlessly transfer ownership to the new user, making transactions hassle-free.


Conduct background checks to verify the legitimacy of pre-owned items. Our search service provides comprehensive historical reports and ownership history, offering peace of mind.


Checkout at stores without providing personal information like email addresses or phone numbers, thanks to our privacy-focused approach using just your “AddTo” QR Code


In case of loss or theft, swiftly blacklist your asset or report it as stolen. Our robust network uniquely identifies your asset, safeguarding your privacy while aiding it recovery.


Secure coverage for your cherished possessions with just a click from your dashboard, streamlining the insurance process.


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Our simplified store checkout experience respects your data privacy by eliminating the need to disclose personal information like email addresses or phone numbers every time you make a purchase.

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Sign Up

Easy 2-Step Registration Process.


Present your unique QR code at checkout.


All item ownership transferred and arranged into your account.


Manage everything you own.

For Businesss

Sell with Insights, Unlock your business potentials

Gain access to valuable market insights using our robust AI analytics tool, which delivers real-time data sets to enhance your ability to offer personalized services.


Data is analyzed by our AI model to help your businesses analyze consumer behavior to provide a more personalized service.


Unlock market intelligence on consumer spending through measurement. Compare your performance and act based on relevant data.


Turbocharge your business by running targeted promotions based on real-world data points. More Sales, Higher Customer Retention.

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No Process Disruptions

Our integration makes sure there are no disruptions in your workflow. We run in the background while providing you with real-time powerful insights and analytics reporting at every step of the way.

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We make your life easier in this crazy world of owning stuff. We gather up all your things and put them in one easy-to-use place, so you can boss them around like a pro!

Do you ever get confused by those tricky transaction descriptions on your bank statement or dream of having a clear, step-by-step breakdown of your transaction history? Do you constantly misplace your receipts and struggle to keep track of all your belongings? Are you tired of sharing your personal information at the store checkout? Well, look no further – this is your golden ticket!

Get ready for a turbo boost to your business! Our solution works for everyone and comes packed with AI magic to understand what your customers really like. That means more sales, customers who stick around, and promotions that hit the bullseye!

Wow, wouldn't it be awesome if it didn't cost a thing? How about this: we'll show you how great we are in just 3 months, and then you can be the judge. But if you want to keep the goodness forever, just give us a shout and ask for that exclusive access

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